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Wooooo! Android + Arduino (official)

Finally! Android Open Accessory Development Kit. Advertisements

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Kinesthetic Fields

Kinesthetic Interfacing with Architecture by Matthew J. Sama [Abstract] Choreography within architecture can be understood in two ways: ergonomically and performatively. Ergonomic choreography is the technically determined kinetics of the human body within space. It aims to control movement in … Continue reading

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Smellscape: Updated Documentation

This video shows the updated interaction with the GPS location coordinates being entered into the collective database of all users.  The map shown on the contribute tab can be found at The remaining documentation can be found at

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SoundClusters documentation

I have made a few blog posts on my website which documents SoundClusters both as a process and a final product. SoundClusters description > Video documentation > Write-up of the process> Source Code > Download the app >

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Invisible Orchestra

Video Documentation of the project is currently a little rough…. more revisions coming soon!

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Link to Smellscape iPhone App The above is a link to the Smellscape description and demonstration.

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Android Screen Orientation Override

Quick way to bypass screen orientation force close error: For the most part, this is all you need to do: “Open manifest, switch to Application tab and select desired Activity you wish to override orientation change behavior. Within Attributes … Continue reading

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