Professor Teri Rueb
Email: terirueb at buffalo dot edu
Office: CFA252
Office Hours: Wednesdays 1:00 – 3:00 and by appointment
TA: Jordan Dalton
jordan dot a dot dalton at gmail dot com

This course introduces students to the practical and technical aspects of realizing mobile and locative applications using cellular, wifi, GPS and other wireless network technologies. It is intended to support the development of projects that have already been articulated as concept designs or projects that require custom programmed applications. The course is geared toward students who already have a basic knowledge of electronics and programming for serial and / or network communications using mobile devices, microcontrollers, sensors, etc. or those who have taken a prior course in project concept development using off-the-shelf applications in mobile and locative media (e.g. DMS561 Network Landscapes). Specific technological skills addressed will vary according to student interest and enrollment, as well as in response to trends in mobile and locative computing.