Android Processing – Building with Eclipse

Here is the the link i followed in order to build processing scripts in eclipse:

Toward the bottom it shows how to export your processing sketch for eclipse to build it, basically:

  1. once your processing sketch is created, IN ANDROID MODE, and you know it works on your phone…..go to file>export. This will make an “android” folder in your processing sketch folder. Start with an example sketch in the PDE.
  2. Click “File” → “Export” (or press Ctrl+E). This opens the folder that contains the Android project for the sketch.
  3. Make a copy of the sketch folder.
  4. In Eclipse, click “File” → “New” → “Android Project” to start a new project. In the wizard, select “Create project from existing source” and specify the sketch folder as the project location. Click “Finish”.
  5. Add a reference to “processing-core.jar”: Click “Project” → “Properties”, select “Java Build Path” and go to the “Libraries” tab. Click the “Add JARs…” button and select the file “libs/processing-core.jar” from your project.
  6. Build your project.
  7. Export the application as an .apk using your signing or the debug signing.
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