Processing + Max MSP via OSC


1: OSC is able to communicate across any ethernet or wifi connection. HOWEVER! the network you connect to, determines the ip address that you’re computer is identified with, not just the regular ip address of your computer. For example: i just tried to communicate two different desktops with my laptop… what I discovered was UB secure gives a different IP address than UB Wireless when using OSC.

2: To discover the computers OSC IP Addresss I highly suggest running the OSCP5 example in processing, this will print out “you (xxxxxxx)” and then your ip address where the x’s are. This will be within a line of some random “INFO….something something”.

Also: UB WIRELESS is terrible at keeping connection so if you find it communicating at one time and not another, be sure to check all your computers internet connections.

Hello everyone,

I posted the Processing + maxMSP communication via OSC libary on my website.

Note: the address may change slightly in the future, if so go to and I will set up paths to the addresses.

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