Eclipse-Android Touch Demo

Hello all, here are some supporting documents to go along with my Touch Demo from today in class.

Download the source files from the demo. Just unzip, and in Eclipse > Import, and point to the unzipped folder. (Note: I set this up to run on android 2.1 build 7)

Some references I used:
(^This one refers to how one handles user interaction in an Android platform)
(^Background color, both static and dynamic)
(^The Android class for “OnTouchListener” and its various variables and such)
(^Reference for Java)
(^ ASE – Android Scripting Environment, a quick search for this on Google will show a Barcode scanner written in 6 lines of code!!!)

Also, just in case you wanted to export your project as an APK file (to install it on an Android phone, not in the market though) here is what you will need
Go to File > Export > Export Android Application > Select your project > Use existing keystore. For Location click Browse > Navigate to C:\Users\*YourUserName*\.android\debug.keystore
Here is all other relevant information, regarding passwords
The SDK tools create the debug keystore/key with predetermined names/passwords:

  • Keystore name: “debug.keystore”
  • Keystore password: “android”
  • Key alias: “androiddebugkey”
  • Key password: “android”
  • CN: “CN=Android Debug,O=Android,C=US”

(all found here:

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