My Mobile Map

Hello, All!

I am working on this mobile map and am having some difficulties seeing on computer versus mobile phone and vice versa. If you could please check out if it works on both devices for you or only one would be great feedback. In the meantime, what I was attempting… I created a database that would log a scent directly from a pop up window based on your where you click on the map. You have an original start point from where it is recording your geolocation – which seems to always be off. So, you would click on where you really are on the map, and the info window would pop up — but would be a form to register a scent. Then the database would log in the latitude, longitude position on the phone, the scent description from the info window form and the timestamp. However, you will see that doesn’t happen. I have the mouse clicks adding new images every time you click on the screen (or at least that is what should happen) and you see your start position. I do not have the database information yet active since I have no yet figured out how to do the pop up form window. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments to share. Thank you.

You can view the test file at:

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